Review of Tapventures by Underwater Apps

Underwater Apps as the official developer of Tapventures game has presented a simple RPG genre wrapped in super simple game mechanic designed to ios and android.

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At the beginning of the game, you will be introduced with the world of Tapventures which is an ever growing universe populated by funny creatures, who live their lives on the majestic islands floating in the skies.

In this game, you will be as a young adventurer in which you have to explore what is going on there and beyond, as well as fighting the creatures with help of your companions

Later on, you will go to beat creatures by dealing damage, that you can do by tapping on screen with your thumb.
Each creature drops gold coins, which you can then use to increase your thumb strength, or hire companions that will help you on your journey
You can also train your companions by clicking one of your heroes so that they will be become stronger and they can make more damage per second
Also, you can make crazy combos with magic spells, during the battle with enemies

The main point here is to work your way through various levels of monsters that you can do by tapping like crazy to inflict damage upon it.
And every time you defeat them, you will gain some gold that you can use to hire a follower who can help provide some much needed DPS.

After collecting more and more gold, and put it towards new followers, they can inflict so much more damage than your taps.
Here, you can use that gold into your crew, as well as upgrading them.

For the next journey, you will sometimes get involved in fighting against a boss.
It is caused by these bosses will offer you a strict 30 second time limit within which you need to beat them, and often you have to go back and grind for a while to build up your DPS sufficiently to achieve this.
On the other side, make sure to check in regularly in order to collect the treasure you will find, as the game only stores them on the side while you are away from it.
Besides, you can check what the next unlockable character to your DPS.

In addition, this game is free to play but you can choose to spend real money on a bigger treasure chest for temporary storage purposes.


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