Review of Talisman as Classic Board Game by Nomad

The game developer of Nomad has launched Talisman, classic board game which has some sky high production quality along with some advanced features added here

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This game is full of great features such as multiple view modes, full musical scoring and future content updates.

Talisman can be categorized into a board game that encapsulates much of the pen and paper RPG experience with a few shortcuts taken here and there.
Here, you will be given with the main goal that is to get the helm of command which is located in the center of the board
Every class in this game has specific strengths that will allow you to get an edge as you level up your stats and become strong enough to reach the Helm of Command.
Later on, you can use it to kill your opponents before they can wrest it from your clutches.
You can also be allowed to use your class skills to defeat some loot out of your opponents directly.

In this game, you are determined by the character that you play which come to 3 different regions.
The middle region is the most difficult to survive in that you will go through various ways to lose lives and be kicked out.
Meanwhile, this region is also dangerous for about half the game
And, the outer region is generally the safe zone where you can usually thrive even at the start of the game.
Anyway, the difficulty of each region is matched by the potential gains you can get if you can prove to be strong enough to survive along the game.

In this game, you will get an access to get adventure cards that contain enemies, loot, or events which are usually drawn at least a few times in each round of turns.

On the other side, your characters here will have strength and craft stats that you can use to wage physical and magical combat respectively.
They also have a starting number of lives which basically function like zelda hearts, and fate points that allow you to re-roll unfavorable dice results.
Along the game, you will be assigned to gather up gold that you can use to purchase various pieces of equipment.
At the same time, you will have to take part in combat in order to speed up your character’s stats.

This game is added with a bunch of music loops which will change as long as action continues to move.
However, you have to wait quite a while before you can reliably beat common enemies.
Throughout the game, you will not find coin doublers or energy bars you need to fear from this game.
So, this game will be great to taste as this game has the ability to ban certain heroes and give a random choice of 2-4 heroes for each player to choose from.


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