Review of Tales of Borderlands Coming with Hidden Treasure to Discover

Telltale Games has delivered some super intense moments in their games, in which you will meet this thing wrapped in their newest game, Tales from the Borderlands.

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Few days ago, this game was in the progress to launch on mobile platforms
And, now this game has been available on ios and android that you can download and play with the couple characters, named as Rhys and Fiona
Throughout the game, you will guide those characters to find hidden treasure in space

Anyway, if you have played with Borderlands and Borderlands 2 series which are the predecessors of this game, you may get more mileage out of the game and you can appreciate the small references to things experienced in the previous games.

Once downloading the game and watching the opening scene, you will see something happened in a flash; guns, bandits, explosions, skags, guns, robots, Mad Max-esque vehicles, guns, murder, deceit, guns, and some crazy alien named Shade with a mask that will be the enemies along the game.

But, for those who are unfamiliar with the Borderlands franchise, you may not feel left out when playing the game.
You will often find somethings that are pretty self explanatory in that vault hunters are treasure hunters searching for the vast stores of treasure rumored to be hidden somewhere on the planet of Pandora
In this game, you will also see Hyperion that is the mega-rich cooperation seeking out that hidden treasure by any means necessary.

Anyway, the developer itself seems not to miss a beat with this game where the game retains the same ridiculous hilarity that make the core games so memorable.
In line with this, the developer has broadened the interactive scenes to allow you to utilize some of the awesome technology that can be found throughout the Borderlands universe.
Here, you can try to utilize the protagonist’s cybernetic eye to scan various props then interact with a robot outfitted with the weaponry.

In addition, Tales from the Borderlands can be a choice for fans who want something fresh from a Telltale game set in the Borderlands universe.
On the other side, this game will sometimes make you laugh as well.


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