Review of Take It Easy as The Board Game

Ravensburger has delivered their new debut Take It Easy, the board game to ios device
This is a fairly entertaining affair that will work when it is played on your own as it does in multiplayer.

take it easy walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be served with the single player that is divided into a few different modes in which each with a different challenge that will test tour knowledge.

And, your main objective here is to gain as many points as possible.
Every board here contains a series of hexagonal shapes that you should place down tiles to make lines and rows of numbers.
Then every tile will seem to be a little like a small pipe layout that you have to combine well to make more points.

Besides playing in single mode, you can also play in classic mode the will get you to gain as many points as possible, with satisfaction gleaned from a job well done.

On the other side, playing in puzzle mode will be a bit more going for it than that
When playing in this mode, you will meet obstacles that will need to solve for a particular score in These obstacles like locked tiles which cannot be moved, but you will get help with wild card tiles, that will help you complete the level.

After completing a sufficient number of those challenges, you will be able to unlock Progressive mode which is similar to Classic mode, but with a few caveats.
Here, you will see a time limit, plus some of the board has already been filled in, which can change everything.
Then, you are able to unlock versus mode which is fairly self-explanatory.

In addition, you will see the multiplayer options, which will increase the value of this game.
Sometimes, you may notice that every each mode here is quite similar at heart
Anyway, this game has delivered a simple concept, along with its logical nature.


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