Review of Tainted Keep by Ravn Studio

Based on the trailer of Tainted Keep in the previous of this page, this game tells about the idyllic village of Greenhaven that is a near lifeless husk, where you will be assigned to discover sinister evil in that village.

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Along the game, you will explore into the dense, whereby they have to struggle to go out and find out what the story goes in that village.
Here, you will have a helpful spirit to point in the right direction, and they will also have to learn and to enter a certain zone only after it kills them, in which playing this game is similar to play in the original Legend of Zelda.

On the other side, you will need some Metroid-esque thinking to reveal the way forward, where you can progress by gaining new abilities and using them to your advantage.
In line with this, you can use them after finding the light spell in a treasure chest which is guarded by a powerful foe
At this stage, you are able to illuminate a deadly dark room to make it more hospitable.
Next, once finding the fire spell in said dark room, you can open doors marked with fire symbols.

In each stage, you may be given with a puzzle that will get you to head-scratching
But, half the challenge of solving them will be from just surviving the numerous enemies swarming the caverns.

Meanwhile, combat in this game is slow, tense, and deliberate.
For such reasons, you must be patient and guard effectively to get your victory
Throughout the game, you will be able to use an odd dual-stick control scheme where you can block and slash by holding in various directions.

At the same time, you will have to take a control of the situation by settling into patterns, as well as trying to avoid crowds, and taking on foes one at a time.
Besides, you can have newer weapons that will increase strength, and trapped souls that will improve your stamina.

Graphically, this game has been made in the detailed environments, atmospheric lighting, and creative art direction that will push you to get deeper into the immersive experience.
Also, you can slay a horde of enemies, wander far away, then get back to still see the exquisite pile of bodies.

The bottom line, this game is the great-playing and even greater looking, which will give you a great fantasy to more and more play.


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