Review of Tail Drift by Right Pedal Studios Publishing

Tail Drift seems to be like a kind of flight simulation game but it is exactly a fast action racing game where you can zoom through fantastic environments.

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Here, you can compete while flying around floating islands, ancient temples and desert canyons, along with a bunch of unique planes to go through a variety of game modes.

As you see from blocky environments, this game is not a serious racing game.
But this game has presented the game’s smooth, colorful, and shockingly well-lit cartoon world constructs giant tracks that twist and turn in every direction through trees and across desserts.

In this game, you will be navigating these floating labyrinths that would be dizzying and disorientating whereby the game uses a unique kind of racing line where every plane is magnetized to a single rail that snakes throughout each course.
Later on, you can then focus on rotating your plane around the rail to loop away from obstacles, as well as avoiding other players, and collecting boosts and power-ups.

For further, you will also be assigned to purchase and upgrade your fleet of planes so that you will get the edge as you play through 18 unique events.
Meanwhile, you will be able to compete against your friends to remain the King or Queen of each event
This game is also coming with integrated Game Center leaderboard support, which will allow you to master your aircraft and stay on the top.

However, planes cannot even ascend or descend in which the game can afford to be way faster
Also, you can use crazier weapons such as missiles and mines with much more complex and sprawling.
On the other side, the tilt and touch controls will often not work with something more demanding than leaning left or right.

Alongside, every cup is divided into smaller events such as standards races, time trials, and survival races.
In addition, this game works because it finds a tricky balance which is combined with a traditional land-based kart racing games.


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