Review of Tactics Maiden by Mangobile

Tactics Maiden is one of the product of mangobile in which this game is a fast-paced, and turn-based strategy RPG which allows you to conquer any villain scattered around the battlefield.

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In accordance with visual graphics, this game is similar to Kingturn, in which when it is zoomed out the vaguely 16-bit, it will vaguely be looking okay but the style is fairly generic and devoid of personality.

Along the game, you will be brought to the depth of the strategic systems that it would be still be fun even if characters were just giant squares.

In the battlefield, you must manage your units on a grid and attack any foes until you win the battle.
In line with this, you can try to overcome the game’s considerable challenge, in which you must know exactly when to use which kind of unit and how.

Here, you will simply take out soldiers with archers, and bust out a wizard spell to burn a group of enemies or poke at them with the extended reach of a spear.

During the battle, you will be served with various survivability stats and chances for critical hits.
At this point, you can also block and capture enemy bases to prevent you from reviving units, which can lead to dramatic coups
This system makes the game incredibly and unnecessarily tedious.

To get more experiences, the systems seem to do a good job of making this game a richer experience such as capturing magical pillars to restore health.

After a certain number of turns in the battle, you can be deployed again as long as you will not have reached your battlefield limit.

In addition, this game is not suitable for the hyperactive as you will need a certain amount of patience to play it.
Moreover, your tactics will be counted on here.


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