Review of Syberia Full as Adventure Game With Puzzle to Solve

Microids has offered its newest game that is called Syberia, adventure games go, in which this game will serve you puzzle-solving, travel, intrigue, and a relatively reasonable storyline.

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Along the game, you will play as an attorney called Kate Walker, who is tasked with closing the sale of a French toy factory onsite in the fictional village of Valadilène.

At the beginning of the game, you will be served with the opening sequence defines a lot of the gameplay as Kate arrives, observes, explores, interacts, and collects.

Anyway, the gameplay is touch-driven, and you will also see visual cues like direction tags and magnifying glasses to help you find some items along the stages.

This game works like many mystery or hidden object hybrids game where one becomes adept at checking everything out, and then checking it again.
When doing so, such that some actions cannot be taken until a specific object is found and utilized that you can do by magnifying each object.

Later on, you can collect items, and use them later.
In related to the dialogue, it is mostly crisp and detail-oriented, and it can be cycled through quickly as you want to.

Graphically, this game comes along with the artwork in a huge element in and of itself
Again, fans of the initial desktop iteration will not be disappointed to play this game.
Moreover, this is a creatively foreboding affair, with a huge emphasis on steampunk in the robots in for of automatons which will make up a huge part of the story.

In conclusion, this game is a fun romp and it comes with a fantastic concept which is evergreen on mobile platforms.


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