Review of Swords of Anima as A Tactical Turn Based RPG

Swords Of Anima tells you a story involving a corrupt empire and honorable soldiers who take arms against it then it is your job to command the Savior Rex Squad in an epic journey of courage and deception.

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In related to the story, you will meet a princess who longs to escape the banality of royal life, and turns out to be a pretty amazing warrior.
Throughout the game, you will follow the story of a young warrior with a mysterious past named Dolian and his father figure and mentor Laocorn.

Anyways, if you ever played a Japanese-style strategy RPG before, this game will show you your characters flung into a turn-based battle on a field divided up into a grid.
Each of your characters will take eight different job classes, each with different stats and skills.
At this point, some characters can attack from a distance, while others can heal, and some can absorb damage while the squishy guys in back make with the smashing.
Later on, you can simply move all of your units once, then the enemy will do the same.
In the battlefield, your characters will earn experience and gain levels through various actions, and each character’s progress carries over from map-to-map.

At an early chapter, you will deal with the challenge of killing a powerful boss before opening the gates to a castle
To do this, you are able to lure him out of the castle using some attractive bait.

On the other side, if you want to go through every mission successfully, you must be sure you are using the right job for the right situation.
Each character here has its own role, so you will need to make sure that character are playing it if you want to win.
Then, characters who are defeated in battle will still be able to go for the next one.

Meanwhile, you must upgrade each character’s equipment using forge points so that they will be improved with a character’s attack power, accuracy, defense, and evasion.
In line with this, you can earn a few forge points by winning the battle, but if you really want to get them more, you have to complete the optional challenges.

During in the missions, you can try to choose a complementary group, in which at least two of your characters slots will be taken up by mandatory selections, typically Dolian and one other character. Because they are usually melee attackers, you should bring some support and ranged attackers to back them up.

From what that statements said about this game, the characters were pretty memorable, and they are made with nice art giving them a bit of extra personality.
The battle graphics are excellent one, fully polygonal and using unique models for each playable character and boss.
And, the animations are a bit stiff, along with the scenario designs in general.
This game features a nice variety in objectives that is often missing from similar games, and the map designs accommodate multiple paths to success.

However, you can see that characters move too slowly when battling with enemies.
Moreover, the translation could use a bit of a clean-up from a native English speaker.
In conclusion, this game will be worth to play if you want to try a quality SRPG on mobile.


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