Review of Swap Heroes with RPG Elements

Swap Heroes is made by Christopher Savory in which this game is a puzzle game with some light RPG factors and some Roguelike sensibilities as well.

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Here, you will be able to guide a group of four adventurers with unique stats and and special swap abilities.
You will then be able to use a pretty unique set of mechanics and a pretty ruthless difficulty curve.

On the other side, this game revolves around players switching your heroes around on the battlefield.
Here, you will be able to use three heroes on the front lines unleashing their regular attacks while the fourth hero rests behind their compatriots and powers up for a special move.
And you can take advantage of each hero’s strengths to defeat wave after wave of enemies.

Once beating each set of enemies, you will get a chance to upgrade your party using gold you earned off of their defeated foes.
You will get some randomized power-ups that can increase any given hero’s strength, health, or special powers.
Although this increase a sense of persistence to the experience, the fact that these power-ups are completely random can mess up any given run.

After defeating a certain number of waves, you can move on to a new level complete with new enemy types that are more difficult. The game continues this progression until players make it to the end or until one hero is defeated.
Then, you will get a mysterious purple currency that can be used to unlock new heroes.

This game is a pretty satisfying game, even the swapping mechanic makes every battle require planning and strategy, and unlocking new characters allows players to change up their play style.

Moreover, this game also presents a pretty gnarly challenge to players trying to complete it.
Anyway if you are not very accustomed to this style of play they may feel disappointed, but otherwise Swap Heroes is worth checking out.


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