Review of Super Secret Service as Simulation of Protecting President

Super Secret Service game is a kind of simulation game in which you will be assigned to protect the President of the United States using an endless supply of expendable secret service agents.

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Throughout the game, you will have two agents ready, one on each side, and while the target is always the president in the middle, with any bullet coming from different directions in that sometimes it is faster to deploy a certain agent.

In this game, those two agents will also represent the two shots players have before they essentially need to recharge.
If an agent is taken out, it requires a moment before a new one takes their place.
Anyway, this game then tries to trick you into wasting agents through false flags like paper airplanes and boomerangs.
Later on, when dealing with enemies, different projectiles also have different speeds
For such reasons, you must properly time your interceptions.
At the same time, you will also have to earn a high enough score and bulletproof glass that gives you one last line of defense.

However, this game is not nearly as complex as that description may suggest.
This game seems to be a reflex-driven tapfest that never significantly changes what you are doing, or even the environment where you are doing it.

Graphically, this game is made in 16-bit arcade style through everything from its art direction to its fonts to its wonderful soundtrack.

For further, you will have some duties that will take any mean necessary
At this point, you will have to block the projectiles from hitting The President such as shoes, tomatoes, pies, balls, and guns
Also, you have to block a Golden Present with your body to bring up a near-shatterproof shield
In the mean time, always stay alert of Paper Airplanes and Boomerangs, as they are tricky

To move your character, you can tap the left side of the screen to make a jump and tapping the right side of the screen will make the right agent jump


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