Review of Super Awesome Quest

Recently, a new puzzle-RPGs based on another tile-based puzzle fighter game has just arrived on the apple store in which this game is called as Super Awesome Quest

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Anyway, this game, Super Awesome Quest seems to be a combination between Minesweeper and a dungeon crawler.

Here, you will merely tap tiles to utilize the abilities that those tiles represent
And, as a tile is used, the near tiles are revealed later on.

Also, you can match the tiles to be side-by-side, and their effect is amplified.
You will know what lies under a tile until you have used one of its neighboring ones.
In line with this, it makes a strategic gamble that will turn interesting and exciting to play with.

Along the game, you will have to grind the levels —two sets of side missions, about 12 in total
In the mean time, you will also have to collect enough experience and gear to complete the main quest missions.

On the other side, you will also be able to attack enemies by tapping on the weapon tiles and watching your chosen hero attack the enemy.

Every enemy here has a counter counting down until their next attack
So, you will have time to play one or two additional tiles in between their attack and the enemy’s.

You will also be equipped with potion tiles that can refill health, weapon tiles that can deal damage, and buff tiles that can increase offensive and defensive stats for a time period.

Later on, you will have to try playing through the campaign that will earn you gear and items that yuo can use to be stronger and more resilient warriors.

Gear is represented on your hero, then be sure to upgrade gear, like a helmet, that will make you look so cool.

You will also have pets in this game, that will accompany you to here you go
And, pets will help with unique stat boosts and their occasional aggressive attacks.

From all statements above, this game Super Awesome Quest is fun to play
You will get to go through your character to a point where they are viable against particular enemies in the main missions.

In addition, completing the side missions, such as bronze and silver challenges will earn you some cool rewards



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