Review of Stunt Wheels as A Drifting and Racing Game

Kempt has launched Stunt Wheels as a top-down racing game that you can play on mobile, ios platform mainly and it may race on the android platform in the next update

stunt wheels walkthrough iios android

Along the game, you will be vying for the first place where you will drive on stunt-laced movie sets depicting pirate scenes, Mars landscapes, and more.

Seemingly, this game focuses on speed and action as this does not contain gas or brake buttons.
All you will do here is to control the steering of your car with tilt controls or on-screen buttons.

On the other side, this game features randomized power-ups that can will give you with laser beams, speed boosts, monster truck tires, and more.
You can use these power ups to make the progress through the game at ease.

Once making progresses through the game, you will earn stunt and driving points that determine your standing position on the Game Center leaderboards

Sometimes, you can also unlock a mystery box containing a random car, which offers a chance to personalize your racing avatar and it can also affect the likelihood of receiving certain power-ups in the heat of a race.

In this game, you will experience to race in five distinct areas, each one offers five tracks that have a very distinct look to them, which makes progressing pretty exciting.

In each, you may find the same oil slicks, explosive barrels, fruit carts, and other action movie cliches that you will have to avoid to continue racing for score smoothly.

In addition, this game, Stunt Wheels is a game containing fun, exciting, and charming up
Also, this game comes along with a ton of style and heart that you can experience on each track

However, the lack of multiplayer in this game is what ultimately drags the game down to a point where playing it will be hard to stick with for the advance moment.


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