Review of Striker Arena Lets You Play Football for High Score

Striker Arena is developed by Wizcorp that was launched as a premium game because of its gameplay mechanics and play features.

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In this game, you will have to control one of three tribes, Vikings, Gladiators and Samurai, then play the Soccer of the Gods to settle an ancient dispute between them.

Playing this game will make you feel the game’s experience in a unique combination between sports and strategy games.

When controlling striker to hold the ball, he can make three steps before having to pass the ball or shoot it at the goal normally or by using special moves.

When you are making three steps, your team member and the opponents will also make moves accordingly
In line with this, you must anticipate your moves while making your owns.

When your team is not in possess of the ball, it will be possible to change formations to prevent opponents from scoring.

This game also comes along with a couple of play modes, such as single and multiplayer modes.
The main single player mode is Story Mode, where you can pick one of the three clans, as well as traveling all over the game’s world that comes to your victory.

However, playing in Story Mode will force you to complete a variety of missions within a time limit in that every mission actually teach you how to play the game, as this game is centered on specific gameplay mechanics.

On the other side, playing in the quick match and multiplayer modes will work way better than Story Mode, as there is no missions or tutorials getting in the way.

In addition, you will also see some features, like the gameplay mechanics when you have the ball, the different arenas with different gimmicks and the unique premise and graphical style

Anyway, the game is still worth to play though it needs some tweaks here and there that need to get the attention from the developer.


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