Review of Strategic Tower Defense Fat Chicken by Relevant Games

If you have played some of tower defense games, you are about to defend things as well as focusing on attacking some kind of target.

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However, Fat Chicken is different form those typical reverse tower defense games and it is also not a game for avid vegetarians or vegans.

As you have seen in the first gameplay of this game, it is all about fattening up farm animals before sending them to slaughter company.

Later on, you will get this by placing down towers along the paths they take from farm to slaughterhouse.
Those towers represent feed, water, and those lovely antibiotics and hormones that are used to fatten things up artificially.

Along the game, you will simply place towers, select to upgrade them at the right times
And, you can also watch as the animals reach the slaughterhouse and you will earn money, then repeat all process again.
In this game, you can speed things up, that will bring extra waves in for more profit.

However, this game lacks of somewhat awkward controls.
In line with this, pinches and swipes should dictate the camera angles but they are coming to a bit flakey and they sometimes do not always work out.

The positive side is this game is deserved to get plenty of credit for being thematically different from the other games in similar genre
Also, this game backs this up with the possibility of fending off protestors and UFOs
Then, it is mostly quite a typical tower defense title, but there is not more imagination in related to the game’s actual content and mechanics.


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