Review of Stickman Ice Hockey by Djinworks

If you fans of the NHL franchises, you may look at new sports game Stickman Ice Hockey which is made by Djinnworks that has brought a natural combination that most hockey fans should find some value in.

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This game features the traditional format for hockey games, which is aligning the rink vertically with the nets at the top and bottom and made in the 16-bit.

Also, you will be given with a virtual stick to move around your active player along with two buttons which do different things based on whether you have the puck or not.
And holding the puck can pass, fire a quick wristshot, wind up for a slapshot, or you can pull off a one-timer by pressing the shoot button immediately after passing.

If you do not use the puck, the pass button switches you to whoever’s closest to the puck, and the shoot button becomes an all-purpose checking button.

In this game, you will see several gameplay modes to select, including a quick game, seasons of varying lengths, playoffs, and an open air classic game.

Later on, you should unlock a couple of the modes by winning in various others, and you will not jump into a season without first winning one quick game.
You will also be served with a lot of options to play with, but you can turn off offsides and icing, change the difficulty level of the computer AI, and adjust the length of the periods.

You will get no penalties in any mode, so you can play as rough as you like.
Moreover, you will not also see no trades, injuries, line changes, or anything that would indicate individual players.

Anyways, playing this game resembles football more than hockey as there are certain positions you can shoot from that will guarantee a goal every time.
However, The Stickmen are solid black figures, and they wear colored jerseys, the part of their heads visible under the helmet is still the same color as the puck, and of a similar shape.

For further, the characters included within are well-animated, and the UI is also designed well
Plus, the sounds and music are all decent enough.

The game also supports MFi controllers, along with Game Center support for leaderboards and a pretty dull list of achievements.
Unfortunately, this game uses ads that you can remove by “going Pro” for an additional $1.99 only in that you will also unlock a special playoff mode that is otherwise only accessible by liking the developer on Facebook.

The conclusion is that playing Stickman Ice Hockey will be fun and it is a very basic take on things that does not strive to do anything more than give you a fun take on the game itself.


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