Review of Stick Town RPG as Making Money Simulator Game

Stick Town RPG is the simulation of being rich man where you will experience an exciting journey through wealth, hardship, fame, crime, relationships, and progression in a large stick people town.

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In this game, you will be assigned to get a net worth of $1,000,000,000 as quick as possible.
With that money, you can live your life whatever you want
You have something to do in town that will keep you busy and making money there

In order to get a net worth of $1,000,000,000 in few days, you can opt to scrape by as a waiter or you can choose to work towards a better job as an IT consultant.
Alternatively, you can become a criminal, carrying weapons in order to rob folks, or you can be a sailor or pilot.

To learn deeply this game, you can try to be a waiter as the first start, in which you will be working slowly towards promotions and doing some side projects in my spare time.
Then you can purchase a boat and complete simple mini games at a Lighthouse that will be a great way for earning fast cash.
Next, you can try to buy property to make it accumulate faster.
And, you can dabble in acting and farm along the way too.

From all of statements above, Stick Town RPG is unsurpassed.
Here, there are not any timers to deal with or any great need to return often
But, you will want to chip away at such carefully cultivated success.
Sometimes, you may think to buy a few things with real money to progress faster.

However, you will sometimes experience an issue with this game stems from its aesthetics.
Anyway, it is not great to look at and you will find no sound to enjoy.

In addition, this game, Stick Town RPG will be a really quite compelling experience as you will find the idea to find something new to do to make money that will make you rich.


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