Review of Stick Cricket 2

Stick Sports launched Stick Cricket 2 on the apple store, where you will have to remember to hit the ball.
Anyway, this is a fun game to dip into, where you will be working towards those all important three stumps or stars for each level.

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Early on this game, learning to play this game will be easy enough as you will merely be serve with taps to the left or right, then at the appropriate time, you simply hit the ball.

Here, timing is important when you are dealing with the ball coming flying at you in a variety of different ways or when you are dealing with a curve ball.
With the right time, you can catch the ball surprisingly easily, especially on later stages.

Every level in this game will provide you a slightly different objective, such as one that will get you to complete many consecutive shots.
Or, you will be assigned to hit 6s all the time.
In line with this, these are the cricketing equivalent of a home run, so to hit the ball, it will require the best timing.

On the other side, another mode will simply get you to involve to complete as many runs as possible within a tight time limit.

Playing this game is simple stuff but the variation herein will entertain you, even if eventually it does turn a bit samey.

For further, you can unlock new stages, as well as new equipment that helps you out.
Also, you can also unlock new outfits and gear after completing a couple of stages.

After all, this game is a fairly enjoyable one that will arise a discussion with friends for weeks to come


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