Review of Starband Troopers Get Weapons with Instruments

Brownie Interactive Studio has brought Starband Troopers to mobile platforms ios and android in which this game is a kind music game mixing musical beat game with rogue-like adventure.

starband troopers walkthrough ios android

On the other words, this game will show you how a good song of a music ties together and raises up and otherwise rote RPG with beat game as the core of its battle mechanic.

Anyway, music is povital in Starband Troopers, that expresses itself in various creative ways.
The story begins when a group of intergalactic musicians trapped on an alien world and rocking their way to survival.

In related to the characters, they have an appropriately funky style and they will go an adventure in sci-fi setting with story-driven events
Later on, you will be able to experience 100+ ensemble skills, 60+ augmentations and 9 instruments in which you can also customize your band.

In combat, the band members use their instruments as weapons.
They can use those instruments as offensive, like the trumpet and the guitar
Meanwhile, some will take a role as defensive buffs, such as the drums and the piano
The instruments such as the saxophone will be able to deliver damage over time.

On the other side, you can also customize your arsenal like a battle-ready roadie to find a fighting style that works for you.

Also, you can use music as the special attack, which takes the form of a full-blown rhythm game.
Once playing this game for a while, you can gather new songs that require certain instruments to activate.

During a battle, you can connect the right instruments together once your party members are charged-up to deliver your sonic fury.
Then, you can tap and hold on-screen icons to the beat.

Seemingly, this game is like playing in Elite Beat Agents and Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm
Meanwhile, some songs will vary from jazzy slow jams to epic RPG battle themes
And, you will be able to earn new songs at a pace to return to older ones and you can get better at performing skillful along with critical hit performances.

Even though, the interface is not the most intuitive, and the progression is quite straightforward
As you can see int the gameplay, the other systems are standard JRPG fare.
In addition, with the genre of the music game, this is still worth to try playing on your phone.


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