Review of Star Squad Space Rescue

GeekBrain Games has delivered Star Squad Space Rescue to ios users in which this game is all about ducking and weaving your way around while attacking any incoming enemies on the screen, and trying to survive longer than last time.

star squad space rescue walkthrough ios android

This game is very simple to learn as you merely use your finger to move the ship around, and it offers a mercifully small hitbox.
In line with this, you can quickly move through very small gaps.

Just try to lift your finger from the screen and the action pauses for a moment, giving you a break to plan ahead during.

Anyway, this game has added the format with the addition of stranded astronauts appearing at regular points in the game and they are vital in offering you energy to keep going.

Also, they will give you the bonus of clearing a small area around the screen, in that it will also give you some protection from attack.
So just gather up them often, and take advantage of what they clear.

Again, playing this game is a simple and you will be tempted to chase high score
And, you will be assigned to collect coins that you can use to unlock boxes that give you the chance of getting a new ship.

In addition, a free box will come along each day as well
On the other side, you can also buy a coin multiplier to progress in a quick time.


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