Review of Star Nomad Elite

Star Nomad Elite will take you to make your own objectives and goals where you can be whatever you want such as an ace fighter pilot, a shipping tycoon or you want to skirt the law, smuggle contraband and make big money

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With money that you have collected along the game, you can use them to upgrade ships, that specialize in combat or shipping and outfit them with defensive and offensive capabilities along with ship equipment.
Besides, you can also purchase cheap supplies and sell them in remote locations for a big profit.
Here, you can also take on delivery, escort and hunting quests.

Anyway, you will encounter a harrowing combat that rewards you for being able to evade enemy`s missiles.
At the same time, you will have to go through dangerous zones, in which you will struggle in order not to lose your ship
However, you will get back the cost of your ship plus any credits you had, and that total is reduced by about 15-25% from your credits.

You can also make a contact on the radio in game NPC and they will also occasionally have a hot tip about trade routes that are particularly profitable.

On the other side, with all benefits that are supporting this game, this game skates the line of not offering enough info.

In related to the upgrades, there are less than 10 ships you can upgrade to, in which only a grid of about 20 sectors you can travel to.
Every module on your ships has 5 or 6 upgrades that you can purchase for maximum results.

And, if you can fit comfortably inside a sandbox with a living space out there, Star Nomad Elite will be the best one to pick up.


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