Review of SquirrelWarz as Fun Real Strategy Game

Igor’s Software Labs has recently launched SquirrelWarz Cute Strategy Game on the apple store
This game seems to bring rts genre that you can play on mobile platforms, mainly the ios

squirrelwarz walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will have the squirrels organized, then collect resources, while protecting and defending your home tree at all cost
Also, you have to reclaim your territory with your own squirrel fighters.

In other words, you will be provided with a base to protect
And, you will get a worker squirrel to gather up acorns, that you can use to get new troops.

Once collecting enough troops, you can deploy them in a bid to wipe out the enemy squirrels.
When playing this game, you will have to control each squirrel individually, with no way to group them together.

On the other side, this game has been made in beautiful hand-drawn and watercolor animations.
You will also be served with original soundtrack filled with melodicas, Marxophones, mouth harps and toy pianos the you can listen along the way.
You may sometimes laugh at your characters when controlling during in the game

However, when controlling your character, you may find your squirrels will keep moving if you go for a frantic race

Anyway, playing this game will still give you a lot of fun that may entertain you when you enjoy your leisure


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