Review of Spy_Watch

Bossa Studios has a espionage game where you will be working on a spy agency and sending encoded messages via the watch’s notification system then you will direct your agent at mission critical points.

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The story goes when an agency your father used to run has been torn apart from the inside, and the only person left to trust is a lone analyst with aspirations of becoming a field agent.

Here, all you will do is to train them with the capability of a stealth, combat, and charm
Then, you will send them on missions to earn more money for more training.
In the mean time, you will also have to figure out who destroyed the agency and why.

When being in the missions, they will be undertaking a task, and you simply close the game and wait. Later on, the missions will need a certain amount of real time to complete
But, you will sometimes get messages when your agent comes across a situation when they are not sure how to handle certain situation like going around a hallway full of guards or bluffing through them.

Sometimes, you may also wonder what your agent was going through while out on a mission, and not having to constantly check in has been rather nice.

You can also answer the agent’s questions by swiping the notifications to the left
You can also use tapping option that is also great since it saves you the time of having to open the app.

Extremely, this game, Spy_Watch is real hands-off.
But, you may not find any sound or music to go with it.

Oftentimes, you may find that there is an issue where opening the game after receiving a notification will not actually pull up your choices.
Anyway, for those who love playing stealth game, it will be a good reference to play with.


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