Review of Spoiler Alert as An Auto Runner Game

The App Store has been full of game with various genres and the ones who love auto runner game, you should try Spoiler Alert from tinyBuild

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Unlike the most auto-runner game amongst the other ones, this game from tinyBuild will provide you auto runner that works in reverse.
It means that you must complete the timeline of events just right, that will later on turn into a form of puzzle game.

On the other words, instead of completing it in the common way, you are uncompleting it, while going backwards through the timeline and returning to the start of the game.

Here, you cannot just go backwards through a level, but you have to conform to what have happened early on.
It means that you jumped on it earlier, then you need to jump on it again.
Mess up and a ‘time paradox’ happens, the you will go back to the start end of the level again.

On the other side, you will perform your actions such as catching fireballs that you have originally flung at an enemy or timing your jumps just right in order to uncollect some coins scattered along the path on screen.

Doing all of this is often quite tricky, where you will sometimes repeat your action, in which your first attempt is usually being used to figure out what to do later on.
For further, you will quickly accomplish each level in this game.

In related to the control options, they are mostly tight but the occasional timing issues will come up, especially when you try to do things in a quick way.

Once making some progresses from one stage to another, you will be truly comfortable with the backwards concept
In addition, Spoiler Alert is certainly memorable as this makes the auto-runner game a bit more interesting than usual
So, this game will be a reference to play in this winter.


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