Review of Splot as Bouncing Game

Splot is all about bouncing for every of your move.
All you will have to do is to tap either side of the screen to bounce once in that direction.

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Try to adjust the distance of the jump by tapping in mid-air, as well.
This game likes to stick to walls, and if you tap and hold on the side of the screen corresponding with the direction of the wall, he will slide down a bit quick.

Try to take a swim that you can do by holding in the direction you want Splot to move in.
Using these few simple tricks will get you to move throughout the levels pretty swiftly.
You might need to hit the odd switch or jump off a trampoline-like platform
Anyway, you simply to need to up and over obstacles as quickly as possible without getting killed by any lethal hazards on the way.

You will go through some levels spreading across seven different worlds, each with their own theme.
You will meet largely the same types of obstacles from world to world, but the visual and audio change-up helps keep things fresh.

In this game, your biggest challenge is always going to be getting to the goal ahead of King Blob.
To deal with it, try to bounce off an enemy correctly to reach the smoothest path.
Touching an enemy will kill them, so you have to get it right the first time on those stages.
Each level takes a minute or so at most to clear, so to avoid having a game that runs too short, the developers have given you lots of incentives to replay each stage multiple times.

The graphics are vibrant and the animation is pretty good making the game a nice, clean look.
You will be served with a good variety of music, with a different track for each world.

The intuitive controls and the necessity will get you to keep moving at all times.
By the way, you will get a couple of hours of fun out of it, and if you get into its meta-goals, you will be able to find a lot more.

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