Review of Splendor as Strategy Turn Based Game

Days of Wonder has a unique game which is called as Splendors
This game is a kind of an addictive strategy turn-based card game that you can play mainly on ios devices

splendors wakthrough ios android

Here, all you will do is to build the most impressive jewel trade and try to be the best-known merchant in the world.
In line with this, you must have the most prestige points to win the game.

In other words, you will take a role as wealthy Renaissance merchants to exploit mines and caravans, while hiring craftsmen and leveraging their influence with the nobility.

Early on this game, you can play in a special Challenge mode that will give you a bunch of puzzle where you will be tasked to complete scenarios

On the other side, playing this game will focus on maneuvering your opponents by being the most crafty gem dealer you can be.

In line with this, you may take three different colored gem tokens from the supply
Or, you can get two of the same color.

Later on, you can use that tokens to get Development cards, which will provide you with a sort of permanent free gem of a given color
In the mean time, you will also get victory points.

Meanwhile, collecting specific color combinations of Developments can also earn the favor of various nobles who do not do anything but it will give you bonus points at the end of the game.

If you can go 15 points everyone else will have one final turn
Anyway, you will be a winner in this game.

To play this game, it will be like economic engine building.
At this point, if you gather up more Developments, you will need fewer tokens.
And, if you need fewer tokens, it will be easy to purchase more expensive Developments.

During the game, you may see the pop-up coming up whenever you have collected more than the maximum of ten tokens

Also, this game seems to be built in the options and turn off the rather repetitive music
Although, it has minor issue, this game, Splendor will still be a good reference to play on the go


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