Review of Spirits of Spring by Silent Enemy

Spirits of Spring is an interesting game which is like all about the experience to tell the story of Chiwatin and his friends.

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Based on the trailer, this game will extremely be short, but it will contribute some precious messages to anyone playing this game
This game tries to describe as an entertaining story for those who were bullied as children or are still having difficulty with it now.
It is a touching story through and through, but it will be the best experienced as well.

Anyway, the story of Chiwatin will be interesting and touching, in that the young boy on his quest will be able to control the Spirits of Spring, who are able to keep Winter away with the help of the Spirit Trees.
However, when a group of crows try to force a permanent winter to set in, Chiwatin must struggle to bring back spring and keep the crows at bay.

Anyway, when Spirits of Spring comes with a touching narrative and an important message to share, this game unfortunately suffers from uninspired puzzles, tired mechanics, and extremely simple areas.

Here, you will just go from one area to another by using Chiwatin’s spirit ability to make bridges over water.
In the mean time, you will require the spirits in the area and call upon your animal friends to help you out, but none of this is truly intuitive or interesting since it is all extremely easy.

On the other side, this game is coming with touchy controls which is somewhat difficult to control Chiwatin in some areas
And, his constant falling and issues navigating seems tend to get a bit obnoxious as well.

In conclusion, this game offers a concept which is an interesting idea, as a game will not exactly be an adventure but it brings the purpose it set out.


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