Review of Spinlanders as Spin Slots Game

Backup Entertainment Spinlanders has brought a brand new game bringing a unique gameplay to slots where you will play slots by spinning them to beat the monsters
In the mean time, you will also be assigned to earn loot, and defeat the evil in each stage.

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Along the game, you will have to explore the magical realm of Spinland from quest to quest, while attacking 30 stages of monsters, bosses, and riches along the way
Afterward, you can use these riches to upgrade your character to become more powerful spins.

Similar to a casino game, you will merely spin a set of slots to see what pops up next.
In the mean time, you will simply match 3 in the middle to inflict some damage, so that you will get some gold or armor points along the way.

Besides, you will also be able to unlock 5 characters that can give you unique bonuses
Once unlocking those characters, you will then upgrade them and forge your unique hero
Here, you can play in fun Mini-Games to upgrade your stats
Moreover, you will also have to win gold, gems, or Free Spins items from the Prize shop

With these gems, you can hold particular slots or inflict a max spin attack, as well as utilizing all of the slots.
You can get that gems through completing quests and other bits and pieces in the game.
Except gems, you will also gain some coins that will enable you to unlock upgrades and progress further.

Anyway, playing Spinlanders will be pretty fun and it is also compelling way of unlocking upgrades and bonuses along the way.
Moreover, this game has come in good, clean fun and a surprisingly effective combination of genres.


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