Review of Speed of Time Challenges You to Go Through Rings and Gain Score

Speed of Time developed by Oliver Painnot is a kind of a pure touch-based endless racer action game, which is bringing in challenging and exciting infinite racer, with smooth 60 fps

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In related to the graphic, this game has delivered stylish minimalist 3D graphics in a fantastic minimalistic look

In spite of all the ancient tombs, galloping automatons, and beefed-up jetpacks that have sprinted across our touch-screens, this game will arouse your adrenaline rush where you will feel a sense of speed that has never been realized by anything else quite like it on the mobile market.

After booting up app, it will instantly grab you with one of the most eye-catching art directions of its kind.

Also, this game comes along with the simplistic aesthetic and colorfully vibrant geometric design and smooth animation quickly set the visual tone with an artistically driven ride that will contribute the senses with a seamless blur of high-resolution beauty.

Besides the graphics built in this game, the gameplay dynamics and foundation of sharp physics has met a deceptive level of depth that gets better and better with every layer you come across.

In this game, you will have twenty seconds that span as much distance as you can while managing across the spacey highway
Also, you will have to try your hardest moves in order not to fall off of the track or run out of time despite the challenge from the increasing velocity of your run.

Along the game, navigating here is a binary means of either steering left or right, or you can tap both to slow down and know when to hit the brakes.

This game seems to bring the addictive runner where you will be served with the risk or reward system that surrounds its speed.
At this point, you have to successfully chart as many miles as you can across
And, the astro-runway is to extend the seconds on the clock by maneuvering through every obstacle ring that you come across along the stage.

In conclusion, this game is not just the polish over all of these familiar runner conventions, but it is also the frenetic impedance that is reminiscent of hard-boiled contemporaries like Tiltagon that has made so engaging.

Anyway, this game goes to show that there is a bunch of drive left in the endless runner genre.
In addition, this game has been packed with plenty of glue that get you to keep the charger plugged to keep playing on this game for days to come.


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