Review of Space Marshals 2 As A Stealth Shooter Game

Pixelbite has a stealth action with dual-stick shooting game entitled Space Marshals 2 for the ios and android devices where it brigs the sci-fi wild west adventure in outer space

space marshals 2 walkthrough ios android

In other words, this game has a tactical top-down shooter where you will be brought to take a role as the shoes of specialist Burton to fight against the criminal elements of the galaxy.

Playing this game relies on tactical combat and stealth, rather than shooting bullets at enemies like you play in other shooter games out there

Along the game, you will run around space western style environments, while shooting all sorts of bad guys, completing objectives, and gathering collectibles at a time

In related to a stealth, you will sneak around situations and always keep your eyes open as the enemies can gang up on you and take you out at ease

On the other side, this game seems to double down on its stealth mechanics, while it also adds a lot more non-lethal and quiet options, such as melee stealth takedowns, throwing axes, and more.

Along with it, this game also has a loot reward system, where you are graded on your performance, which is based on the score you earn

Meanwhile, this game is made with nice graphics that is smoothly to be played on the phone
According to the rewards, you may get them in form of new weapons, armor, or items.
Here, every piece of loot is tied to a specific level
It means that, when seeing two rewards you want at the end of a level, you must play through the level twice to get them all

Alongside, this game has an array of collectible hats and CORE-V coins that you can find freely in certain levels.

Moreover, you can get some hats as cosmetic items to be equipped for your marshal
After getting enough coins, just put them in the machine to get a random piece of loot in return.

In conclusion, this game, Space Marshals 2 has delivered great graphics and shooting action with stealth that will get you to think what next step to take for taking out enemies on the board which will reward you coins and item bonus


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