Review of Space Expedition Classic Adventure by Mobirate Studio

Mobirate Studio has brought Space Expedition into iphone where it is an exciting oldschool platform game that has been made with a colorful mixture of gameplay genres.

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Here, you will introduced with a brave astronaut getting the main objective that is to explore an abandoned planet and try to find out what really happen there.

During your missions, you will have to discover new locations, solve puzzles, evade the traps, as well as fighting against monsters then operating machines and pilot spaceships in a good old pixel-art atmosphere
To deal with this, you must be smart to complete quests, to escape danger, to overcome obstacles and you must also be brave to fight your villain in the battlefield.

You will explore from empty space outposts to the undisturbed alien caves, while collecting letters along the way.
Graphically, this game is made in retro art style with dark, effective colors choices, clean designs, and music than can go from serene to suspenseful in an instant.
On the other side, playing this game will be like playing a 2D platformer, where methodical navigation trumps constant action.

At the beginning of the game, you will have to discover a jetpack that lets them hover over long distances.
At the same time, you will be able to use tricky items like that to solve most of the environmental puzzles like drills that pierce the Earth, crates to stand on and reach higher places, and a rocket boost technique to outrun rising lava.
Alien enemies are few and far between, but when they do appear you will have to stay alert of them.

Anyway, levels here are short, along with hidden objects that create incentive for more playthroughs and flesh out the narrative.


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