Review of Space Age Allows You to be Space Explorer

Space Age developed by Big Bucket Software will offer you something in ’90s adventure games that is launched on mobile platforms

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In this game, you are one of motley crew of space explorers that have landed on a strange alien planet.
Anyway, that place is far from unoccupied, and trouble crops up very quickly.
So it is the time to explore, fight, and survive by leading the characters around
Here, you can explore in a group, or you can do it individually that will include the uncharted areas of the planet.

You will walk in big chunks of the world with the land beneath may be benign, or you may often find hostile aliens that need to be disposed of.
You will do it based on your immediate mission, that is usually outlined when you enter a new stage.

Anyway, playing this game for a while is pretty fun.
You will find the characters, environment, technology, and aliens which are all very much inspired by the space adventures in pop culture from the ’50s through the ’70s, in which everything is about fishbowl helmets, spandex suits, sexy science officers, and upright humanoid aliens.
On the other side, this game is filled with earnest dialogue and one-liners that make you smile.
Later on, exploring your surroundings will be fun as you are pushing back the uncharted blackness, revealing new areas, and getting un-stuck on a puzzle.

However, some control issues arise on smaller devices like smartphones.
The on-screen characters are small, and sometimes when you try and select them by tapping, the character in command may simply meander away from their task and mosey over to see what happens.
This imperfection will cause stealth missions to be terribly awry.
Moreover, you may find that similar issue appear while sliding the screen around to survey your surroundings.
At this point, this game seems to lack a quick way to shuffle in between all the characters at your command whereby it will be an issue when you are leading a partner through hostile territory.

On the other side, the combat may be a pain in your spandex-covered rear in which your enemies are automatically fired upon when targeted, but you will not find a way to dodge enemy fire.

In addition, this game comes along with a “cosmic adventure,” and it gives you an adventure game alongside laughs as well.


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