Review of Sorcery 3 The Seven Serpents

Inkle did some very impressive things with the gamebooks wrapped in Sorcery 3 The Seven Serpents
Seemingly, this game is a quest packed with twists, which will turn into RPG-like battles with a superb mechanic that fits with the interactive fiction style and adding some skill herein.

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In this game, you will be brought to explore the city of Khare on the map.
Your journey begins right away as you set out on a new quest across the Baklands to track down seven magic serpents.

These creatures are servants of the Archmage, whereby all you need to do is to prevent them from warning him about your impending arrival at his fortress doors.

When being in the battlefield, gauges are used that allow you to set how much of your resources are ploughed into a fight scene
At this point, you will know whether to expend all your energy, turn and run, or play the fight by focusing on the narrative cues interspersed into the combat sequences.

This game makes use of an open world map that you can navigate with an impressive amount of freedom. Exploration here will be much more of a factor in your success where you go through time to investigate the Baklands wasteland across millennia.

This gamebooks will bring you in the first time since choose-your-own-adventure stories in digital, in that you can effectively keep your finger in the page once again which is part of an active and essential part of the gameplay.

Anyway, this game is an amazing game that you absolutely must play, as this is once again a seminal moment in interactive fiction brought into the game.


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