Review of SongPop 2 as A Trivia Music Game

SongPop 2 from FreshPlanet may be said as the biggest trivia music game that you can pay on the go
Here, you will be served with a lot of music genres form classic to modern one

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In line with this, you will try to guess all about the music in various genres
This game gives a sample of acoustic music trivia spans dozens of genres and sub-genres.
As an example, you will challenge some snot-nosed upstart to a retro Bon Jovi duel.

In this game, any of you can find a niche and wield it against friends and strangers, making for a lot of fun back-and-forth.

Early on this game, when taking up a game started by another player from a Facebook friend or a randomly-selected players, you will then be brought to select a category of music from a series of playlists.

After doing so, you will then see some relevant songs parade in one after the other
At this point, you will select the song’s correct name from a list, and you may sometimes be tasked to select the artist instead.

If you can select your answer fast, you will get more points.
According to this, you can take a turn after another player, where you can see the answer they picked, in which it will be handy when you are stuck on certain level

In related to the game modes, you can play in a new Party Mode that functions like a tournament
This mode feels a bit secondary next to the primary experience.

For every single level you have completed, you will be rewarded with the coins that you can use to get new playlists

For those who like playing the original SongPop game, you may have to try playing SongPop 2 on your devices in that it will bring your epic knowledge of cool music as this game is a worthwhile musical journey.


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