Review of Son of Light Gets You to Collect Amber Booster

Playing in Son of Light will get you to overcome in a row the 10 levels while eradicating sneaky enemies and colossal bosses and earning crystals and upgrading your ship

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This game, Son of Light is a kind of a one-touch SHMUP where you will be allowed to maneuver your craft around alien ships and their projectiles, as well as shooting automatically at your fingertips.

Also, you will have to collect the boost arrows that will cause your ship to hit hyper speed for a few seconds.

Here, there is a gauge at the left side of the screen that can track your ship’s progress through a level
And, reaching the end of the gauge, you will be thrown up against a boss.
In line with this, you will have to guide your ship a bit faster when traveling on that gauge.

Later on, you will have to upgrade your ship, that you can do through the aforementioned chunks of amber, and they include hit point upgrades, new guns, weapon adjustments, and lots more.
Doing this upgrade will need time, but you can wait it by watching videos or paying up with more amber.

Anyway, this game seems to have a noteworthy problem, in that the controls are not quite as crisp as they should be.
This is not a bullet style SHMUP that flings projectiles at you from every angle but things do get busy on-screen, and having a slightly “floaty” ship can be a problem in tight squeezes.

Entirely, this game is a very decent SHMUP, especially for a free offering.
Even though you are new in this game, you will still find it easy to pick up, play, and enjoy the story.


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