Review of Sol Invictus as Gamebook of Space RPG

Few days ago, Sol Invictus developed by Cubus Games was in the progress, but now this game is officially available on ios and android

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In related to this game, it is a kind of an adventure game book where you will play a human fanatic from the Black Lance legion

On the other words, you will take a role as Cromulus, a human warrior of sorts known as a fanatic, while fighting to survive in a solar system taken over by an alien race known only as the Invaders.
Here, your character also evolves along the way in the style of a role-playing game, as well as taking part in combat fought through a virtual dice roll, collecting items, and improving a variety of skills.

Furthermore, other forms of interaction will arise through battles with enemies
However, these are not quite as frequent in number as the likes of Fighting Fantasy.

In this game, the mechanics of the game are pretty similar to Heavy Metal Thunder where you merely read through the text, and from time to time you should test your skills or battle a foe that you can do by tapping dice rolls.

Every successful battle, you will be rewarded with a hero point that can be used to re-roll failed checks, or skip the test altogether and purchase a pass.
Also, you will earn extra money from the kills you make during your missions.

Along the game, you will be busy to read plenty of text here, and there, then you will directed to the storytelling of what this game is all about.

On the other side, this game also allows you to make meaningful choices about Cromulus’ development by improving specific personal trait such as dexterity, intelligence, strength, charisma, and a host of others.

Anyway, this game is more lofty thematic goals in that it is just a matter of picking an option, with some as innocuous as a direction to take, and others may affect what unfolds much more dramatically.

Throughout the game, some chapters with plenty of checkpoints will be on the storytelling whereby you will rarely lose much progress.

For further, you will have to make decisions that will change the way the story unfolds.
And, the story will bounce along at a fair old pace
Moreover, some checkpoints are also scattered through so if you make a wrong choice you can rewind things and give it another go.

Some of the artwork here is particularly good, all vivid colours and gloomy chunks of black and brown. It adds to the unsettling atmosphere that permeates every corner of the game.

In conclusion, Sol Invictus has served well to a gamebook sequel as it builds on the foundations both mechanically and in terms of scope.
So, if you are big fan of gamebook, this game will be a good reference to play and follow the story.


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