Review of Snowboard Party Coming with All Boards and Tricks Combinations

Ratrod Studio has launched Snowboard Party which brings you to experience the thrill of snowboarding stunts on your mobile while gaining score as high as possible

snowboard party walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be challenged to ride down the slopes at extreme speed and catch some big air to show off your craziest tricks in 15 completely unique adrenaline-filled locations.

Along the game, you will jump on your board, as well as learning new moves and improving your snowboarding skills to land sick combos for high scores to be put on the leaderboards

In related to the controls, this game comes with intuitive and natural in which you will feel reacting well to gradual or sharp turns, while pushing forward on the floating stick that will increase speed appropriately.

If you tweak sensitivity to the highest setting, you can remove the buttons altogether and implement a more touchscreen-appropriate system that makes better use of the platform
You can use swiping for tricks or tapping the sides of the screen to turn.

Here, you can also adjust customizable control system to fits your style.
In line with this, you can use the right or left handed control mode, then choose a control preset or make your own style.
Also, you can use the analog stick or accelerometer option as you want.

You can also unlock level and other boarders with experience points that you can earn by clearing objectives and generally pulling off dizzying stunts, in which you can gain them by stringing together different tricks using the designated grab buttons.

You will also gain XP and with many courses spread over 4 modes such as Big Air, Freestyle, and a mostly lag-free competitive Multiplayer mode that you can unlock without the need for dreaded in-app purchases.

On the other side, parallels seem to be drawn between Snowboard Party and the popular console snowboarding game SSX
Anyway, you will meet a couple of things that prevent it from reaching that high standard.

In line with this, you will experience the layout and diversity of the tracks, which tend to be too similar.
During your action, you will be able to perform big air and big combos
However, SSX had fireworks, tunnels, lifts, jets of air and other special obstacles that can be a blast to navigate.

Meanwhile, the lack of any special moves would differentiate more between characters, as well as adding some ‘wow factor’, and serving as a big points boost.

In conclusion, Snowboard Party is a well-designed, and it is playable and high-quality enough to be played on standard mobile device.


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