Review of Slot Raiders by Headup Games

Headup Games has switched things up by adding game elements to exploitative gambling to suck more money from players from their newest game Slot Raiders

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Later on, this game will get you to test your luck just one more time.
Each turn, three random icons appear on the screen.
Occasionally, two snakes will show up, doubling their worth
Maybe it is a gem, or maybe it is a fat sack of cash

Here, you will hunt for rewards to complete the quests that make up the campaign.
A typical early quest will get you to gather and combine precious metals to create stones big enough to sell.
Quests will also give you the other tools at your disposal.
They can send a dog to search for treasure in the background.
And, they can spend more on spins to make better items appear more often.
Next, they can even expand their treasure reserves.

However, this game core mechanic is just pressing a button over and over again while hoping that the mostly random odds work out in your favor.
You will meet a monotony if you avoid becoming full-time slot jockeys.

Anyways, this game includes its various visual themes like outer space and haunted houses, and you will have to grind away and level-up as your cash is controlled by the whims of fate.

In conclusion, this game is an interesting idea, but you need to approach it with the right expectations.


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