Review of Slide to Finish with Cute Critters

In this new game from Anton Shatalov, you will be prompted to guide a sleigh full of cute critters, the bear and his hares which are trying to go through dangerous slopes that you can do by drawing new paths for them to follow.

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On the other side, this game also gives you a perspective of how pinpoint stylus control can trump finger painting in which all you will have to do is to draw your paths, pick the carrots, skirt obstacles to reach the finish line.

You will have a journey in some levels including ice environments, desert worlds, and jungle habitats, but craggy mountains are the dominant landscape.

At this point, you will be filling in gaps, then you can draw ramps to catapult the sled to new heights and gather up faraway carrots.
You will also be served wit an extra boost mid-map which are not just limited to your initial speed.

In some levels, you have to travel forwards, backwards, up, down, and even around in circles also need intense control over acceleration with occasionally thrilling payoff.

On the other side, after drawing a line, you will be able to edit it by stretching its various points in different directions.

Later on, you will have to tough it out anyway as even when their solutions are basically correct, when ramps are roughly where they need to be, even the slightest shifts can mean the difference between victory and defeat.
Also, ink supplies and often times incredibly restrained, which will force you to constantly redraw the same basic layouts.

In conclusion, this game has done enough intriguing ideas along with intuitive stages that is to be worth checking out.
Anyway, playing this game will test your skill of how to balance pure expression with authorial control along the game.


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