Review of Skylanders Trap Team by Activision Publishing

Activision Publishing announced their newest game entitled skylanders trap team which is free, but you must pay $74.99 for Starter Pack if you want to play the full game on an iPad 3 or up.

skylanders trap team walkthrough guides

You will go through various levels with your characters, as well as fighting against the forces of the evil wizard Kaos, solving some relatively simple puzzles, platforming on occasion, and swapping between Skylanders in order to access special element-specific gates.

You will also meet some enemies and fight them, and if you win you’ll be able to drop a crystal into a special slot in the Portal to contain them.

Then make sure to have the newly-captured convict travel along with you, providing color-commentary as you play and even tagging in to fight when needed.
There are also special quests scattered throughout the Skylands that can only be completed using specific enemies that you have caught.

There are also the Kaos Doom Challenges, which are a bit like wave survival and tower defense rolled into a Skylanders package.
Playing with them will earn you some extra cash and experience, and are a nice change of pace from the campaign.
You can also unlock Battle Arenas are also available if you search for even more stuff to do.

Every character has a unique look and personality, and they are generally pretty cool both in and out of the game.


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