Review of Skyforce Unite! as Cartoony Aircraft Game

Skyforce Unite! is the newest product of Kairosoft which has the cartoony tone, in which it offers all the individually simplistic elements coming together to make something complex and fun to play on the go.

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In this game, you will be an adventurous airplane pilot who will collect numerous different types of planes, from fighter jets to choppers and gunships, each with various stats and traits.

With your planes collection, you will then take them into battle against land based creatures and vehicles coming along with elemental types such as wind, water, lightning, or earth.

Besides, you will also train and level-up your main character
Moreover, you will have your own adventure and combat with enemies in each level
In combat system, there are numbered cards determining how many tiles the team can move on a turn

However, the same cards can be used to activate different skills during a combat.
This kind of skill can create a cool little system
Sometimes, you may find that how the random card draws often make waste turns to fully explore the map.

On the other side, you will have to learn new abilities or train your characters to increase attributes and make them more effective in combat
And, you can equip them with a lot of stuff such as hats and weapons to boost them up.

During in your adventure, you can find some items to build new rooms, unlock new gear, open up new training options, etc

You can purchase new planes and get them in a sort of lottery using premium currency called bluesky medals
To get more items and currency, you must complete missions from a bulletin board
Then, you must level them up using upgrade items such as aircraft weapons

From above statements, this game, Skyforce Unite! is good offering all of the interlocking systems and a refilling stamina meter as a good idea as well.


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