Review of Skydoms as A Matching Three RPG

Skydoms from Etermax is a new match-3 puzzle RPG game for ios and android in which all you will do in this game is to battle various monsters that you can do by combining matching gems.

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Along the game, you will merely lead your team consisting of legendary fighters through RPG quest in epic battles

In the mean time you will have to unveil the long-lost secrets and powers in the ancient flying islands of Skydoms.

This match-3 puzzle RPGs is made with a unique and delightfully crafted art along with animations that will take the genre to a whole new level.

Controls options in this game are a little different, in that every row of gems will act like a wheel and all you will need to do is to rotate the row.

Later on, this game offers over 200 battles and a bunch of ways to level-up and upgrade your heroes from the Warriors, Assasins, Wizards, Transmutators, and Mechas empires, including lots of mythical creatures.
Once selecting your character, you will then take part in PvP battles, while collecting a daily bonus

To power up your team, you can also team up with your friends, then go to collect exclusive items in the Daily Islands and explore a whole new Island every week to get exclusive rare heroes in this game.

However, this game may lack in originality, since it more than makes up for with longevity.
Anyway, this game is still fun to play on the go


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