Review of Sky Punks GlideWings Races

Rovio Stars has finally launched Sky Punks on the apple store, in which it is an endless runner game where you will race, dodge, jump, soar, and slide your way through the spirited world of Neo Terra.

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In this game, you will race your GlideWing across the landscape of Neo Terra to beat your friends as well as collecting gold coins and crystals along the game.

You will be able to choose some characters to race with you
As usual, you will be tasked to gather up coins and crystals or gems that you can use to unlock new GlideWings and abilities as you explore the exotic world of Neo Terra

In this game, you will feel the racing moments caught in a giant stampede to dodging rock worms bursting out of cave floors.

In related to the control options, the control scheme is exactly the same as every endless runner such as tap to jump, slash down to slide, and swipe side-to-side to change lanes.

As said earlier, you will be assigned to earn currency to unlock new racers and vehicles, and use the leftover currency to upgrade the characters and vehicles in various ways.

Later on, the level continues to play out after you beat it.
And, the gameplay is divided into levels that have clearly defined end zones.
Once reaching those end zones, the level ends.
Anyway, every time completing the level’s objectives, you will get to keep on zooming along until you slip up and crash into something.

In addition, this game, Sky Punks is a great to play with the graphics is gorgeous to look at
And, this also gives you players plenty to collect, and while it does have some wonky moments from time to time, it is not enough to take away too much from the overall experience.


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