Review of Skiing Yeti Mountain

Featherweight Games has presented Skiing Yeti Mountain as their new debut where you will be tasked to go through hundreds of levels searching for the elusive Yeti by skiing around the area.

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Along the game, you will ski through trees, skid over ice, launch off cliffs and feet the ultimate skiing experience on mobile.

In other words, you will ski around the map searching for the elusive creature by hitting the slopes and following the trails of blood to find it.

In a glance, this game is like an endless game but it is not such game
This game will be categorized into quite a few levels that you can replay whenever you want.

To increase your experience of skiing, you will get to taste a bunch of regular and challenge levels which are added with ice patches, deep snow and cliff jumps.

During your skiing, you will then meet multiple characters as you travel down the mountain, with the game offering an interesting social media integration where you can interact with the game’s characters such as a twitchy survivalist, hippy dippy new-ager, and a marketing man.

To play this game, you will merely drag a thumb to the left or right to guide your skier around the slalom flags on the correct sides and not hitting anything along the way then earn experience points for completing courses, and additional points for beating your par completion times.
Note that do not ever miss any of flags, or you will start over again.

As you level up, you will then receive free gear such as a gold protective helmet, to jet black skis, to lurid coloured yuppie skiing outfits and new costumes for your character in which you can change you skier up every few slopes with new skates, a new hat, or a new jacket

After going through some stages, a simple task will get a lot tougher once you have to account for icy patches, trees, jumps, and so on.

Sometimes, the main thing that will be a little frustrating is to miss flags or face-planting into trees during challenge levels
Anyway, this is the fun challenge to get each task completed successfully.
So, if you love playing ski games or others in similar genre, you may try this game as your reference


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