Review of Ski Safari 2

Sleepy Z Studios will bring you to play with Sven’s sister Evana where you will explore each area filled with snow with your ski in Ski Safari 2 game for ios and android devices

ski safari 2 basic guides iphone

Ski Safari 2 as an endless runner that goes downhill is the next sequel of Ski Safari game that was published to mobile platforms few month ago

Similar to the previous series, you will guide your character to ski on a mountain and try to keep always running ahead

All you will do in this game is to tap the screen to jump
Then, tap and hold the screen to start a flip.

In the mean time, you can also swipe up, down, left, or right to pull off a few fancy moves on your skis or snowboard while getting some extra points and coins along the way.
Also, when doing your action, you will help various animals like penguins, yetis, bats, etc.

After collecting enough coins, you can purchase new gear, crazy costumes and powerful vehicles in the shop

Here, you will go through some new environments such as Penguin Peaks, Jurassic Lark, or Twister Canyon Later on, you will tide the new creatures like all the snowy animals, the new playable character Evana, and the photo mode.

Once making some progresses in this game, you will be able to play in multiplayer mode, where you can perform awesome new tricks on snowboards and skis, and ride on crazy new animals

Anyway, when doing your action, be sure to always watch out rocks and other obstacles before making any jump on the stage

Graphically, this game has brought a great graphics as you have seen when you are performing some actions and tricks
So, if you like playing an endless running game, you may try playing this game on your phone


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