Review of Skatelander Endless Arcade Skateboarding

Playing in Skatelander will be much fun for few minutes in which you will not remember it for any great length of time

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And, this game will give you an attitude and style
This game also features stunning voxel art style with around 60 different characters and beautiful environments.

Along the game, you will be able to do some challenging stunts and skateboards to set your wheels rolling.
Also, you can show off your stunts that you have performed by sharing videos with your friends.

In this game, you will simply skateboard your way through various landscapes with a side scrolling perspective
When doing your action, you have to know what is in front of you next.

To control your character, you will merely hold a finger to either side of the screen that will help you negotiate the various obstacles in taht you can can jump over them while doing some awesome stunts.

On the other side, this game also comes along with replaybility that is in the form of unlocking new characters
Later on, you can also get sufficient money through playing or through free unlocks at regular points.

In addition, this game is all quite simple stuff but it is also rather charming.
So, if you love playing skateboarding game, you may taste it on your phone then try more trick variety for points score.


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