Review of SimplePlanes by Jundroo

SimplePlanes which is made by Jundroo is a kind of a building or flying game with some very impressive sandbox options.

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Here, you will be provided with flying set missions, and you can also slap some engines on a craft of your very own making to see where it goes once you fly it for the first time.

To make your own craft, you should make propulsion and lift work together whereby pitching too far to one side will cause your craft to barrel roll.
Seemingly, this game certainly does not offer the complexity of a retail flight simulator, but it still is about to the laws of physics closely.

On the other hand, the game encourages you to learn through crashing, in which you will learn form this and this is always amusing to see your plane explode into a million fragments.

In the tutorial, you will be given a lessons and instructions on building and operating your own craft that are delivered via text.

Besides, the number of customization options are important, and you should make them work together to get your plane off the ground smoothly.
When crafting your plane, you will not be regulated to a couple of wheels, two wings, a cockpit and a tail.
Here, you can simply create flying boats, jet cars, spacecraft, and metal dragons.

Sometimes, you can attach an engine to your wing, only to turn the plane model around and find that engine lingering in mid-air.

In conclusion, SimplePlanes is a great flight building simulator game as you will be able to manifest your imagination as planes maker.


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