Review of Shobon Flip as A Pinball Game

Shobon Flip can be said as a pinball game where you will simply tap left or right of the screen to guide the character walk from one platform to another

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In other words, all you will do is to race toward the finish line, slickly flicking shobon like a pinball

Along the game, you will go through each level that is laid out like a simple table, with a few flippers, a goal, and in that the ball lazily rolls in from one side or the other

Here, your main objective is to smack it around with your flippers that you can do by tapping either side of the screen until it finds its way into a swirling blue portal, so that you can complete the level and move on to the next one.

Besides, this game comes along with the platforms, floaty physics, prize bubble-esque level select screen, and 2.5D layout.

Along the game, you will also explore some stages that play with gravity and three-dimensional space in interesting ways.

The main point to play this game is judged by the amount of time it takes you to complete a level.
Sometimes, you may wonder of what the next stage will be like and what new dance moves that giant cat in the background has learned.

In addition, it will be fun to bounce through its 30 levels and try to make the best time when performing your action.


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