Review of Shadowmatic Lets You Use Hints to Reveal Silhouette

Triada Studio presents Shadowmatic specifically designed for ios platform in which this game is a kind of an imagination-stirring puzzle with mesmerizing graphics and inspiration

shadowmatic walkthrough ios android

This game is presented with a very obscure, abstract object, in that it is like a 3D printer where you can see object floating on mid air.
Also, there is an off-screen light source casting a shadow on the wall.

And, the walls upon which the shadow is projected, the background settings and the subtle, hazy lighting effects combined to make Shadowmatic a delight to look at.

In this game, you will be brought to rotate abstract objects in a spotlight so that you will find recognizable silhouettes in projected shadows, which will be relevant to the surrounding environment.
Sometimes, you will stumble upon many unexpected and infinitely varied silhouettes.

Some stages present you with two floating obscurities, which adds another dimension to the solution where you will have to try not only to rotate them correctly, but you must also position them relative to each other within 3D space, so that they will reveal the silhouette.

Anyway, this game combines stunning visuals with relaxing and captivating gameplay added with gorgeous graphics that you will see through over 70 levels in 9 unique rooms, each flavored with unique concept, atmosphere, and music.

Each room in this game will be coming along with its own music arrangement that will add up to the distinctive atmosphere where you can feel its music as the best experienced with headphones.

In related to the controls options, like its visuals, rotating the objects is very organic and easy, that you will simply tap and slide the screen to make a certain silhouette.

You can use two fingers, such as the Maps app, to rotate it on its axis.
When you have got two objects to tackle a button in the bottom corner of the screen, you can switch between them, while holding this button down that will also allow you to rotate the two objects around each other.

Meanwhile, this game has taken another similar approach to adding value to its simple gameplay concept where you will experience the alluring and chill out gameplay with beautiful, photorealistic graphics and a perfectly complementary ambient soundtrack.

In addition, this game features a system of hints where it will help you complete each stage and you must use the hint when you deal with hard stage only.


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