Review of Sentinel of the Multiverse the Video Game by Handelabra Studio

Sentinels of the Multiverse now comes to iPad with weathered the transition well where you will be able to select a team of superheroes, an archvillain for them to face, and a location where the battle happens.

sentinel of the multiverse walkthrough ios android

You will see each of these three elements has its own deck of cards representing the special abilities, equipment, events, and the foes the heroes will battle with.
You can win the battle if the archvillain’s health comes to zero.
Meanwhile, the villain can win by either knocking out all of the supers, or they fulfill some special victory condition specific to that particular rival.

Here, there are even fictional histories for all of the characters and cards which are sprinkled with quotes from back issues of books.

During the game, sometimes you will not see that splash screen too often though, as this game sports a pretty nasty difficulty curve.
Some heroes can also be a bit hard to play though.

On the other side, these are supposed to be massive threats the heroes are facing
Anyway, sometimes a combination of random luck and what can appear will only be overwhelmingly unfair combinations of enemy powers that can lead to a rapid spiral toward defeat.

In line with this, some defeated heroes will be able to assist their teammates via small support boosts that only activate after they are removed from active combat
At this point, this is rarely enough to turn the tide in the player’s favor, unless the big rivals was already on the verge of defeat.

Meanwhile, this game is another great adaptation that features the divide between tabletop and tablet screen.


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